19. 9. 2013 - TESCO SW provides Integration of inner operations of the authority

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Realisation of the project „Developement of e-Government services in the Region Olomouc“ at Regional authority of the Region Olomouc is underway. TESCO SW is a partial supplier of the project, specificaly of the part „Integration of inner operations of the authority“. 

Realisation of this part of the project includes delivery of the OfficeDesk (communicating platform for employees of the regional authority and for employees of organizations established by the authority), integrating busbar (platform establishing two-way communication of selected information systems), identity management (administration of user accounts and roles) and property portal (system for administration of the authority´s property and property of organizastions established by the authority).

Currently, acceptation of OfficeDesk and property portal is underway. These will be followed by acceptation of integrating busbar and identity management. The system will be launched in October.