Information System FaMa+ AM provides a comprehensive and coordinated management of the entire asset lifecycle. It combines economic-financial, technical and proprietary view of the assets with the aim of achieving greater efficiency, cost savings and transparency in its administration.

FaMa+ AM is designed for public administration organizations.

FaMa+ AM is supplemented by mobile application Stocktaking to work directly in the field.

Solution benefits

  • Central and current evidence of premises and regional authority buildings.
  • Overview of regional authority property (the value of the property according to the selected type, the amount of land and its use, the technical equipment owned by the Authority).
  • Compliance with legal and other standards in the area of ​​real estate management of regional authority.
  • Information about the processes associated with changes in the location of empolyees within the office.
  • Overview of operational security features of buildings and office equipment.


Architecture of FaMa+ AM is designed as three tier, when individual levels are mutually integrated into functional whole:

  • presentation layer: MS Silverlight
  • database layer: Oracle or MS SQL Server
  • application layer: MS. NET

Reference projects

  • Regional Authority of the Olomouc Region
  • Regional Authority of the Central Bohemia Region
  • Regional office of the Liberec Region
  • Regional Authority of the Pardubice Region
  • Regional Authority of the Zlin Region
  • Palacky University in Olomouc
  • Municipal Authority of Uherské Hradiště
  • Statutory city Havířov

Attached documents

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