CryptoID is a highly specialized and complex product developed by TESCO SW. Functionality of the components in the project ORG Basic Register of the Czech Republic is based on this product. It is a server-based application that integrates all the essential security modules and components, ensuring the safety of the supplied solutions.

Detailní popis

Security solution of complex projects consists of the integration of several technological components. The core of the solution is then CryptoID component, which integrates all the essential security modules and components into a single security unit.

CryptoID is object-oriented server application built on the .NET platform, which is operated in the environment of MS IIS and the selected part is operated in a way of standard Windows OS services. The communication interface is based on technology Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).


  • MS. NET, MS IIS, MS WCF, MS Report Viewer, HSM, Active Directory

Reference projects

CryptoID was implemented in the following projects:

  • MS2014+ - Ministry for Regional Development
  • ORG - The Office for Personal Data Protection
  • NEN - Ministry for Regional Development
  • IFO - Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic