TESCO SW Enterprise Application Framework

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TESCO SW Enterprise Application Framework (TEAF) offers a platform which is loaded with features for developing small and large multi-layer web applications including the support for mobile access to your data.

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TEAF is endowed with instruments that will guide you through the entire development process from the analytical draft through programming and testing of the application logic to the final product which can be presented to the customer. Due to the large amount of the preconfigured basic functionality and graphical components of the user interface, TEAF will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your application development and primarily to deliver the functionality desired by the customer in a short time. Thanks to the TEAF platform, the application development is easier than ever before.

The TEAF platform provides the necessary tools and functionality for developing multi-layer web applications of any size. Due to the unique technical solution, the application data can be available for the end user at any time and on any device that is being used. Among the main benefits of the TEAF platform there are in particular:

  • Faster and more efficient development of software,
  • Lower costs of the software development,
  • Set of preconfigured graphical components,
  • Data security,
  • Ability to access the data at any time and from anywhere,
  • Robustness and scalability,
  • Support of an established and stable IT company.

Solution benefits

  • The single interface for all operations of the internal and external users.
  • The solution is fully in line with the concept of modern e-Government.
  • The solution is the process oriented one.
  • A high level of integration.
  • All the external links are dealt with through the integration interface services in accordance with the principles of the process and data integration.
  • Scalability (it is possible to operate the components in both the high-availability mode or the high-stress mode).


  • Model-Driven Development. Generating data structures and programming classes have never been so easy with any other development platform.
  • The presentation layer. The TEAF framework enables to create the presentation layer in Microsoft Silverlight, HTML (JavaScript, CSS) or modern HTML5 (TypeScript, CSS3) with the responsive web design. The decision what technology to choose is fully up to you.
  • Mobile platforms. Thanks to the ability to generate the presentation layer using modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, and JavaScript as well as the responsive web design, there is no longer need to worry that you will not get to your data anytime and anywhere from your smart mobile phone or tablet PC (Android, Windows Phone/Mobile, iOS).
  • The application (business) layer. To create the application logic, you can take advantage of the rich capabilities of the programming language C # and Microsoft.NET Framework in general. TEAF is fully compatible with it at this level.
  • The API interface. If you want to develop your own presentation layer outside the TEAF platform, you will not have any problem as well. You can build the presentation layer based on your desired technology over the available and well documented API of the application service. Similarly, you can use the API for the integration with third-party systems.
  • The object-relational mapper (ORM). You don't have to deal with the question of how to convert individual objects of the programming language into the database environment and back, since the ORM which is the part of TEAF and supports the Oracle database and Microsoft SQL Server will solve the problem for you.


Reference projects

The information systems of the platform FaMa+ are built on TEAF. For several years, they find application i.a. in the medical facilities (FaMa+ TPIS), state administration organizations (FaMa+ AM, FaMa+ ITSM, FaMa+ EAI) or companies which provide short-term/long-term rentals and other services (FaMa+ CAFM).