Modern Web Applications

Information Systems and Applications TESCO SW were primarily created for the client environment in MS Silverlight. This interface combines the advantages of user experience of desktop applications on one hand, on the other hand, benefits from web applications (access via HTTP / HTTPS, launch in major browsers, etc.). Silverlight user interface, alongside with Java and Adobe Flash is among the three current platforms for the development of business applications in the Internet environment (RIA).

  • The user interface is based on dynamic generated forms (XAML), which are currently ported to MS SilverLight client platform that offers the user experience of desktop applications while respecting requirements for Web access.
  • Independence of definitional parts of data forms and their dynamic generating (generated while running) provide the flexibility to respond to technological developments in the field of client devices and port user interface to the currently supported and globally enhanced client platforms while maintaining the same functionality and the same appearance (is given by definition section in XAML).

Selected parts of the application can be implemented through the so-called "Lightweb".

  • Light Web client environment is created in ASP.NET, which is part of the .NET Framework for building Web applications and services.
  • Lightweb is normally used where it is necessary to publish an application for external users, respectively wherever the use of Silverlight was too robust solution.

TESCO SW application go currently through technological upgrade, when the client environment integration and functionality is gradually ported to an environment based on HTML5 and JavaScript.

  • HTML5 is a version of HTML markup language used for creating websites. The final specification was released on October 28th 2014. Compared to the previous version of HTML4 from 1997 it brings significant changes, the most important include direct support multimedia playback in the browser and support for applications that work even without an Internet connection.

So called Multiweb client supports both traditional web browsers with full support for HTML5 and mobile platforms (mobile phones and tablets). User interface for mobile platforms is adapted to touch control.