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Information System Monit2014+ is a specialized administrative information system. It is designed to ensure data security management and administrative processes of the subsidy projects programs from the EU structural funds in the Czech Republic during the 2014 - 2020 programming period.

The functionality of the system Monit201 + covers all the basic life cycle processes of subsidy programs and also specific projects executed within them.

Monit2014+ is connected by a series of interfaces to dozens of information systems of state administration in the Czech Republic and the European Union involved in the implementation of EU subsidy programs.

Solution benefits

  • The solution is based on the fourth generation of the successful product IS Monit, which in itself already accumulates experience of the third programming period (Phare, SF 2004-2006 SF 2007-2013).
  • The solution is based on proven standard software products, thereby minimizing the cost of individual development.
  • Single interface for internal users and single interface for external users for all operations (including document management, budgets, reports, CBA, monitoring reports, etc.) is available via a simple web access.
  • The system is fully in line with modern concepts of e-Government (uses existing agendas in areas of basic registries of the Czech Republic).
  • Solution is process oriented (there is apparent process succession during the monitoring period).
  • The solution is modular, which allows for variability, process parts replacement for operational programs that have their own specifics, or deletion of irrelevant processes for operational programs.
  • All external links are handled through the service integration bus in accordance with the principles of process and data integration.

Reference projects

Ministry for Regional Development