The Allowance Organizations Portal

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The Allowance Organizations Portal (AOP) created by TESCO SW is a complex solution for effective communication between an authority and allowance organizations.

The Allowance Organizations Portal offers a tool for the management and collection of information from an allowance organization (AO), such as:

  • The registration and administration of the tasks of the founder for the AO,
  • The collection of various types of reports from the AO (vacation, substitutions, etc.)
  • The registration of AO contracts,
  • The publication of manuals, methodologies,
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for the user,
  • Links to other systems or websites,
  • Options for integration on/into the agendas and systems containing the AO data,
  • and more.

Detailní popis

The Allowance Organizations Portal is the solution providing well-arranged records and entry management (tasks, reporting, request forms, contracts, and information on the allowance organization). It respects the hierarchy of organizations, allows them to delegate tasks, but users can also define their substitutes. The system allows them to set the task priority. It watches the entry deadlines and, if their expiration draws nearer, a notification can be sent by an email, SMS, or the entry colour can be changed. A document can be attached to the entries. The Allowance Organizations Portal provides also a user interface which can be used to easily upload and publish contracts.

A significant advantage of the whole solution is the simplicity and maximum optimization of ergonomics when entering any request is a matter of a few clicks from both the founder and the side of the allowance organization.

On the basis of the agreement with the Customer, a given interface can be connected to the Central register of contracts. The law states that the state, region and larger municipalities and other organizations will have the obligation to publish contracts in the central Internet register from mid-2016. In 2017, a new rule is going to be enforced according to which an unpublished contract will not be effective. The contracts with the fulfilment over CZK 50,000 without VAT are going to fall within the norm.         

Solution benefits

  • A modern web application which does not require the installation of any add-ins.
  • A solution for the distribution of documents to the Central Register of Contracts.
  • A system for two-way communication between the authority and allowance organizations.
  • A tool for monitoring and evaluating the submitted and processed tasks (the response duration, the speed of solutions, etc.).
  • An information system that respects the hierarchy of the organization and allows substitutability.
  • A solution with optimized ergonomics (submitting a task and reporting with a few clicks).
  • The task registration watching the deadlines for you.
  • The system the added value of which is in the communication interface with other systems.

Attached documents

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