The Citizen´s Portal

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The Citizen´s Portal created by TESCO SW introduces a new communication channel between the municipality and a citizen for complex solving of the citizen´s life situations.

The Citizen´s Portal allows the public to solve the selected life situations remotely via the Internet (sometimes even without a personal visit). This includes for example the following situations:

  • Issuing the international driving licence,
  • Organizing an event in a public area,
  • Registration/change of the fee for municipal waste,
  • Registration/change of the fee for keeping a dog,
  • Suggestion for cutting down trees growing outside the forest on the municipal land,
  • Reports of permanent residence,
  • Conclusion of marriage,
  • Request for the provision of housing refund,
  • etc.

Solution benefits

  • New communication channel between the authority and public.
  • Well-arranged interface with descriptions of all life situations with links to required forms (these can be directly downloaded or filled in).
  • Ability to create a customized citizen´s profile (keeping the history of realized submissions, payments and bookings).
  • Simplification of the procedures of life situation processing within the authority.
  • An open solution allowing to extend the offered services without the need for programming or modification by the supplier (i.e. without additional costs).
  • Creation of reports and statistical reviews.

Attached documents

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