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Mobile application complementing energy management information systems for fast and effective field work. Electricity, water, gas or heat, Ema can work with all common kinds of energy.

Mobile application
Mobile application


Mobile application for reliable asset identification, easy execution of regular asset service activities and for carrying out stock-takings with integrated advanced technology with the option to fast electronically recognize barcodes and QR codes, and even remotely using RFID tags.


It is used for entry, implementation and evaluation of maintenance and repair requests by field technicians and effective remote management of work from anywhere.

Mobile application
Mobile application


It serves in particular for communication with the landlord and for updating personal data and contractual information related to the lease, displaying the payment schedule and settlement, etc. Using the mobile application, the tenant can be informed about planned repairs, reconstructions or outages in the apartment or house.

Lucky App

A simple and intuitive mobile and web application that is used to verify the knowledge tested in the form of online tests.

Mobile application
Mobile application


One app for the whole household.
For anyone who likes to have things under control.